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This is a picture of an admission room.
This is a picture of an admission room.

Admissions Process

Outpatient Services

For non-emergency situations and outpatient visits, please report to the admissions desk in the business office. You will be asked the following:

Basic information, such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Emergency contacts, place of employment, etc.
If the service is related to an accident or injury.
For insurance cards or records.
     -     If the service is related to an auto accident you will need YOUR auto insurance information.
     -     If the service is related to an accident on someone's property, you will need the insurance             from THE HOMEOWNER OR BUSINESS where the accident occurred.

Inpatient Services

If you are checking in to the hospital for an overnight or longer stay, you are encouraged to bring essential personal items such as:
     -     a comb
     -     a hair brush
     -     deodorant
     -     shaving articles
     -     toothbrush and toothpaste
     -     shampoo/conditioner
     -     lotion
     -     soap
     -     sleeping apparel
     -     slippers
     -     a robe

We will be glad to furnish personal items if you forget to bring them.

A list of the medications you are currently taking at home.
Medical insurance cards or insurance coverage information.
If you have a Living Will or a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions bring a copy if you are not sure that it is already on file at the hospital.
Please, leave your valuables at home. We ask that you do not keep more than $5.00 cash in your room. We also ask, for safekeeping, that you send valuables home if at all possible.

Hospital personnel are required to respect your privacy and treat all information in strict confidence. Information in your patient record is available to the staff providing your care on a need to know basis only. We ask for your assistance in respecting the privacy of other patients as well. Please do not ask the staff about other patients, as staff is required to respect their privacy as well as yours.

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